Stay fit and enlarge your penis with these simple exercises

Staying healthy requires determination, an active lifestyle and right eating habits. If you think eating junk and acting like a potato couch will help you in leading a healthy life than of course you are mistaken. Wrong choices that you make when it comes down to eating food are what causes you to become lethargic and affects your sex drive.

Junk food not only decreases your energy and makes you lose your drive for sex but also stuns the growth of your penis which further makes your romantic life miserable. For a man, the larger his penis is the more confident he will be. A guy’s manliness is actually calculated by the size of his dong. The longer it is, the longer will he last in bed.

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But not all the guys are lucky to have penises that are big. There are many men out there who are ashamed to even talk about their problem let alone have sex. For them, their life is miserable as they try to isolate themselves from ladies and never get to taste sex. Rather than being embarrassed of their dong, guys should come forward bravely and put in efforts for male enhancement which is not impossible in the present time. Here are some exercises that have helped guys in enlarging their penis successfully and that too naturally:

  1. Stretching

The first exercise to start with is stretching. When the penis is in a flaccid state, hold it firmly and stretch. Hold the stretched position for a few seconds and go back. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 times in a day and perform it regularly for better results. This stretching helps to regulate blood to the penile tissue so that with better supply of oxygen and minerals, they can expand more quickly.

  1. Jelqing

The basic idea behind this exercise is to increase the blood flow to the tissues present in the penis so that they are stimulated to expand further to increase the size. For jeqing, the guys are advised to form an “ok” sign with the thumb and fore finger. After lubricating the penis, the guys are supposed to place their penis inside the ok sign and move it forward to stretch the dong. As for beginners, they should do 100 strokes a day and increase the number once they get hold of the exercise.

  1. Kegels

This is one famous workout for strengthening the muscles of your private areas for both men and women. As for men when they are urinating, they should stop in the middle for a few seconds and let go. Repeat it a few times so that the muscles of the penis become strong and you are able to have sex better than before. Not only this exercise aid in enlarging the penis but also improves your performance in the bed.

  1. Ballooning

Ever dreamed having lasting longer in bed and being able to control your timing? Well ballooning is one exercise which helps in enhancing the size of your penis and also treat the problem of premature ejaculation in men who find it hard to control their orgasm. How is it done? During orgasm, place your palm on the opening of your penis and stop yourself from ejaculating. This exercise focuses on developing the spongy tissues of the dong and helps them expand resulting in a bigger penis of course.

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  • Things to remember

Before starting male enhancement exercises it is advisable to measure the length of your penis so after a month or so you can have a clear idea of the progress you have made. Also make sure you use a gel or an oil to lubricate your manhood to avoid unnecessary friction and smoother exercises. Along with these small workouts, focus on your eating habits and try to eat healthy. Replace all the junk food with fruits and vegetables because these things can also help you in enlarging your penis and boost the enhancement process.

  • The final verdict

Male enhancement is all about using the right techniques and being patient obviously. Such things take time and cannot be achieved in just one day. Search the internet for more options and explore ways of improving the size of your dong rater than hiding behind clothes and avoiding having sex.

These exercises are natural ways of successfully achieving a larger penis that you always desired of. Combine pills with these if you want quicker results or else these exercises can work wonders on their own. Take your time and have the guts to accept the reality. Having a bigger penis is what makes a man proud and so you can too count yourself amongst such blessed guys once you’ll see the amazing results of these exercises that can be easily done at home.

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