Get bigger busts with these simple moves

Every women dreams of looking pretty and wear what she loves to. Spending hundreds of dollars on expensive dresses and makeup just to look beautiful is what women usually do. but there are a few women out there who are blessed with amazing bodies and beautiful faces that they need not to hide under the layers of expensive make just to look pretty.

On the other hand there are women who try hard each day to make themselves appealing with push up bras and layers of makeup yet still feel unhappy with themselves. Yes, women with small boobs fake bigger and fuller breasts just to find a place for themselves in the circle of “sexy” ladies and impress the boys out there. But repeating this everyday can be pretty daunting and tiring.

Rather than wasting your energy on faking fuller boobs why not try some genuine methods that aid in breast enhancement? People have been successful in reaching Mars so finding ways for breast enhancement remains no mystery now. From surgical procedures to just a few simple exercises, you can easily increase your cup size and show off your cleavage in deep neck to impress the guys around you.

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Here are some useful techniques that have helped many women and will definitely help you too in increasing your cup size:

  • Knowing your food

This may sound unbelievable but whatever you eat can have a huge impact on your body. There are many fruits and vegetables that contain natural minerals not only good for your health but can aid in breast enhancement. Fruits like oranges are great for breast enlargement as the chemicals they contain act like estrogen in body which work on your breast tissues and aid in their expansion resulting in bigger and fuller boobs. So it you’re trying to make no serious efforts in increasing your busts just keep an eye on what you eat and the food do the magic for you.

  • Bust increasing exercises

Well what can be better than exercising for burning calories and also being able to increase the size of your boobs at the same time? There are exercises that you can easily do at home and get a desirable figure. Here are some of the most effective workouts:

  1. Push up- It may take a while for you to get the hang of it but simply doing push up every day can help a lot in the process of breast enhancement. It requires upper body strength to push yourself up from the ground hence this exercise focuses on your upper body muscles and aid in the expansion of the tissues present in the breasts.
  2. Wall push up– Just like the ordinary push up, the wall push also aims at strengthening the muscles of the upper body. This exercise brings all the muscles of the upper half into action and improves the blood flow towards your breasts so that the tissues there are able to expand faster and end in increasing the size of the boobs.
  3. Chest dips- Trying to tone your arms and yet enlarge your boobs? Then the chest a dip is definitely is a workout designed for you. It focuses on the breast muscles and also the triceps. Not only are you able to strengthen these muscles but with more blood supply to the breasts, the tissues expand at a much faster rate resulting in increased cup size for you.

These are just the few of the many exercises that you can easily do at home to enlarge your breasts and get an amazing figure.

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  • The bust massage

Another away to successfully enhance your breast size is a bust massage. There are massages designed especially to target your boobs, improve the blood circulation to stimulate the tissues into expanding. The more the tissue will expand the bigger and fuller breasts you will be able to get. The massage is a natural way for improving your cup size and can help your muscles to relax as well.

  • Herbs for breast enhancement

Little do ladies realize that they can easily find ingredients in their kitchens that have been around since ages to help women in enlarging their breasts. Herbs like fennel, fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto and others are well known for aiding in enhancing the size of the boobs and that too naturally without any side effects. Use them in teas or just take them with water is totally up to you. These herbs have helped many women in getting a figure that they always dreamed of.

  • Conclusion

Having bigger and fuller busts is every women’s right because this is what makes them feminine. Those with bigger boobs are more confident not in public but also in bed. For men ladies with larger breasts are more attractive and sex with them can be more fun. So those who are ashamed of their smaller boobs can try these techniques and be successful in re-shaping their breasts in no time at all.


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