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Drinks for breast enhancement: Beat the heat and get a sexy body

Chilled drinks and a beach holiday, nothing can be better than this to beat the summer heat. When you think of a beach vacation, the first thing that may strike you is a bikini. What can be better than enjoying a sun bathing in a bikini, close to the open waters? It simply sounds amazing and fun.

But ladies sometimes hesitate in showing off their bodies in such small dresses. Why? Not every woman is confident with her figure of course. There are many women who are either fat with lose cellulite or are just unhappy with their boobs. While some ladies are blessed with perfectly contoured busts, there are some women who struggle everyday with a padded bra to make their boobs look bigger and fuller just so they can to get attention from men.

For woman with smaller busts, everyday is a struggle. Each day they have to fake something that they don’t actually have just so they can adjust in the gang of their girls with big busts. Rather than trying to fake it, why not put in efforts to improve your cup size naturally? Thanks to the internet and latest researches breast enhancement remains no mystery or a problem.

Not only are there pills and procedures available that could help you with your busts, but if you prefer natural methods, you can easily drink your way to having bigger and fuller boobs. You heard it right, there are drinks that have been proved to help ladies in increasing their cup size at home with all natural ingredients. Here are some drinks that can actually be useful:

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  • Ginger and honey tea

One of the best drinks, ginger and honey tea has been part of the Chinese culture since ages. Ginger and honey are two ingredients that contain numerous health benefits. They are not only good for controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol, but contains natural elements that have been observed to help women in increasing their breast’s size.

For preparing it, chop some ginger and boil it in water for 5-10 minutes. Let it cool down and add honey when you’re ready to drink it.

  • Fennel tea

Fennel can be easily found in every household especially in Asian houses where it is a major part of the Indian cuisine. This wonderful herb has been proved to help ladies with their smaller breasts. For tea, simply boil a few seeds of fennel in water for 6-10 minutes and drink luke warm or cold as per your liking.

This herb has been used in history for increasing milk production can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fennel seeds contain estrogen like properties which increase the production of this female sex hormones in your body and aid in increasing the size of your boobs.

  • Fenugreek tea

One of the best herbs for breast enhancement, fenugreek seeds have been used in making synthetic estrogen as well because it contains diosgenin which actually acts like the female sex hormone. The method for preparing this tea is not difficult as well. Bring water to boil and add a few seeds of fenugreek in it and let it simmer for a few minutes. Once prepared, drink it as you like it.

This tea when consumed on daily basis has helped ladies in successfully increasing their cup size because it increasing the production of estrogen in the body with work on the breast’s tissues and aid those to expand in size resulting on bigger and fuller boobs.

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  • The magic tea

This one contains a few different herbs combined together for better results. The bust tea contains fenugreek, licorice root, fennel, caraway seed, dill, basil, lemongrass, marjoram and anise all boiled together to get their extracts and benefits in the water.

The bust tea not only tastes great but works well on your boobs to grow them in size. It aims at increasing the production of estrogen and prolactin while decreasing the levels of testosterone. Most of the herbs used in this tea contain similar properties to that of estrogen which regulates blood supply to the tissues of the breasts so that they can get more oxygen to expand and hence increase in size.

  • The final verdict

Breast enhancement requires a lot of patience and efforts. If you think you’ll wake up one day and have bigger boobs, than this is not how it works. To increase the size of your busts in a natural way takes more time but the results are sure to be achieved.

Remember, be positive and only then will you be get what you want. Of course having a prominent bust size is what every woman dreams of and can be achieved with little efforts.