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Best ways for enlarging penis size

Every male desires to have a big size penis so that he can satisfy himself and his sex partner in bed. It is very important to know that not just the length of penis plays an important role during sex but also its girth.

Therefore, men should focus on both the length and girth of their penis. Nowadays, surgical options are available for enlarging penis but every individual cannot afford these surgeries. Beside the high cost of surgery, sometimes it does not work for every man. It has been found that the success rate of male enhancement surgery is just 50%.

Moreover, these surgeries are also associated with adverse side effects. The sex life of a male can completely end up due to these side effects. Thus, it is advisable to avoid these surgeries and to adopt the most safe and proven ways for enlarging penis.

It is absolutely true that a larger penis can help you have better sex. Moreover, it also helps in increasing your confidence level in bed. Now you do not need to feel uncomfortable in front of your partner as we are here to help you. This article will highlight some of the best ways to enlarge penis size.

These ways include best workouts, devices, pills and foods for making your erections stronger and bigger. You do not need to waste your money and precious time on ineffective and costly ways. Some people also believe that male enhancement devices are harmful for health but it is not true. Size Genetics is a proven male enhancement device. Following are the most effective ways for enlarging penis size.

  • Male enhancement exercises

You would be glad to know that numerous male enhancement exercises are accessible throughout the world. Males with small penis can get a lot of benefits with the help of these exercises. The following exercises are found to be most beneficial to enlarge penis size.


Majority of the people believe that these exercises just work for women but it is not true. Kegel exercises can also work for men by working on PC muscles for enlarging their penis size. The blood circulation towards penis can be improved if men perform kegel exercises on regular basis. However, they should be careful in performing these exercises in an accurate manner. You have to be patient as these workouts will not provide you results over night.


This exercise is most popular among men all around the world. It helps in increasing penis size by improving blood flow towards penile. Better blood circulation not only increases the length of penis but also its circumference. If you desire for longer erections, then you have to perform Jelqing exercise regularly.


Nowadays, proven penis pumps are available in market that can add extra inches to penile. This pump is designed in such a manner that it fits around penis. Size Genetics is medically tested to add extra inches to penis. Traction force is responsible for the working of Size Genetics. This force initiates penis cells to grow and also boosts tissue growth. All these pumps are designed to improve blood circulation to penis.


This is the most basic exercise to enlarge penis. Men have to perform this exercise on regular basis for getting quick results.

  • Penis enlargement foods

Foods can also help in enlarging penis size and shape. You can easily find these foods in your local grocery store.

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  • Salmon

Salmon is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids that can improve blood thinning and blood flow throughout your body. Those men who want to get stronger erections can get a lot of benefits by eating salmon.

  • Onions

Research study has revealed that this vegetable can greatly improve blood circulation throughout your body. Consumption of onion also assists in preventing blood clotting. The blood circulation towards penis can also be improved by eating this vegetable.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is best food for enlarging penis size. It contains flavonol, which is a phytochemical commonly found in beverages and plant based foods. Foods enriched with flavonol can help in improving blood circulation to penis.

  • Bananas

This fruit is good for blood flow and heart. You should regularly eat bananas if you are willing to have better sex life.

  • Low fat yogurt

It is enriched with lean protein that is found to be good for penis enlargement. Make a routine of eating low fat yogurt daily for getting perfect sexual life.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the best food for enlarging the width or girth of penis. This vegetable can strengthen muscles. You can also eat carrots, tomatoes or sweet potatoes if you do not like broccoli.

  • Penis enlargement vitamins

We have gathered a list of those vitamins which are found to be good for enlarging penis size.

  • Vitamin A

It is regarded as antibacterial vitamin which fights against viral or bacterial infections. Any of these infections can damage your already gained benefits of penis enlargement. You can get this vitamin from sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash.

  • Vitamin C

This vitamin is really significant for sexual function as it can enlarge penis. Foods enriched with vitamin C include yellow bell pepper, guava and broccoli.

  • Vitamin B5

This vitamin is helpful in improving the aftereffects of penis enlargement exercises. Working of penis can be boasted with the help of vitamin B5. This vitamin is easily found in foods like shiitake mushrooms, liver, sunflower seeds and bran.

  • Gingko Biloba

It can promote strong blood circulation all through your body. Gingko Biloba can work against erectile dysfunction.

  • L-Arginine

It is also helpful in fighting erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it also promotes tissue expansion. The examples of foods enriched with L-Arginine include beef flank steak, pine nuts, oats and tuna.


So, if you want to have a better sex life then you have to adopt these ways because a small penis size will not satisfy your sex partner. These ways will enlarge your penis and you would be able to get harder and longer erections.